Hiatus announcement

EYYY ^^'

So, i discovered recently some gallstones and my doctor decided to remove my gallbladder altogether so i'm gonna need some time for the surgery and recovery. It's supposed to be very simple and last just a few days so i'm expecting this hiatus to not be very long, but it's needed anyway.

I'm still trying to make my hospital appointment and my first attempt is for next week (19th) but i'm still waiting their answer  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , let's hope everything works out and they won't let me waiting for too damn long

(If you're wondering, i'm not in pain [yet] because my gallstone is apparently so huge that the bitch won't even move lmao)

EDIT (03/13): It's confirmed now, i'm going to surgery next week on the 19th :)

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