Hi Patreon pals,

I hope you are all well and the holiday season is totally grin-inducing amazing/isn't grinding your teeth down to tiny stubs in your mouth (delete where applicable). I'm writing to let you know that I am putting my Patreon on hiatus again for the foreseeable future. Goodwill in comics is a treasured thing and I don't want to exhaust that with you all and I haven't quite figured this crowdfunding thing out whilst I try and figure out my next career move. When I am ready to work on my own comics (which let's be honest is why you are all here) I might relaunch my Patreon again but going forward from this very second you will not be charged! If I do relaunch you will be given plenty of time to opt out if you so wish. So take that money you would otherwise spend on me and treat yourself to a nice Christmas present, like a remote controlled BB-8 or a corgi (OR BOTH!!!). 

If you like the idea of crowdfunding cartoonists there are plenty of other great artists on Patreon that you can support like Meredith Gran, Emi Lenox, KC Green, and literally hundreds more. Trust me, the financial assurance means more than anything in the world for a cartoonist.

Thanks for your support, your pledges and kind words in 2015. Until next time...