I am putting a halt to Patreon, effective immediately. I lately haven't had enough energy/motivation/inspiration/discipline for writing, which is resulting in me not actually writing anything, or just writing at an impractically slow pace. This isn't really fair to anyone who's supported me on Patreon, and I'm sorry for that. This isn't the end for Glimwarden, but it's the end of me pretending that I'm going to be able to hit regular updates, because clearly that's not happening.

I want to return to the green fields of writing, where I can wander off and take a few days to write Air Bud fanfic, or map out a world where vampires and wizards are battling in the streets of New York City. In that sense, serial fiction really isn't suiting my creative needs, and a schedule is proving counterproductive. I feel bad about this, but feeling bad about it isn't actually helping me write more, so that's sort of useless for everyone.

The options for Patreon are either to delete it completely or to switch over to per-unit and then not putting out any units of anything. I'm electing to do the latter; anything produced until this indefinite "break" is over will not be paid posts, and I'll give plenty of notice if I decide that I'm changing anything in that regard.(I am still planning on participating in National Novel Writing Month in order to complete The Dark Wizard of Donkerk, but don't have particularly high hopes for completion given my current output rate.)