Hey guys! I have been seriously trying to do  /everything/ in my power to stop this from happening over the last few  months, but with everything that's been going on lately and my finances  going from crap to worse to 'holy shit can i even eat this fortnight??',  I literally CANNOT afford to replace my monitors for... who knows how  long.

Yup. The things that have died are my bloody monitors. I actually had to  steal my flatmate's monitor to write this because mine won't even turn  on anymore. This is /ridiculous/.

So yeah, until I pull myself up out of debt and drag a good $500-$600AUD  out of my arse... TDC is going to be on an indefinite hiatus. Hopefully  this won't go on for more than a month or so, but at the rate  everything's been going... yeah.

If you want to help me out and speed this all up, I've actually started a  GoFundMe which I'll be linking below. Thank you SO much to everyone  who's been reading/enjoying the comic so far, and I look forward to  starting up again when all of this blows over! ;A;