Hiatus! Oh no's! (In sickness, and In health)
Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm pretty unwell, so I will be taking a break until I get better. I haven't worked much in the past few days, and that is the reason.

I will also be taking a break for most, if not all of next month. This will be due to not only my birthday, but also because my sister is getting married. (Yay! <3) Also, as the main developer of ExitCode I am getting really burnt out because all I have done is work on this game. (Even though for some, it might not look like that.) So, this will also be good to just do something else. Play some video games, and practice artwork. (Don't worry, If I make any horrendous artwork you will be the first to know! ^~^)

I do apologize for being gone.. But work will not stop. There are other developers working casually on the project, and things will slowly come to gather while I'm absent. I hope to see you all really soon!

As for Pre-Release 9, I will try to get it out soon, but it might end up being stalled until after July. I'm really sorry about this, as I planned on having it out over a week ago. I'll do my best to see it out!