Hibernation Break
So long story short, usually after 20 doodles I take about a week long break from posting up things but I kind of overdid myself these last few months, and I need some time to just hibernate both my mind and body until I’m ready again. 

Long story long, during the second half of last year I started new medication to treat my Crohn’s Disease. The thing is during that time I decided to take it easy and try to just rely on letting the meds make me feel better, but it hasn’t had much of a positive effect at all unfortunately, or a negative effect thankfully.  So around the beginning of this year I realized I got comfortable “waiting for things to happen” without actually fighting to make my health better on my own. So I decided I needed to really learn and understand what I can do diet and exercise wise that will help me through my Crohns, even if it’s just to make days a little bit easier for me in the long run.

So I started to slowly try foods I haven’t had in years, some of which I had fears of eating as I believed they would do more harm than good. But to my surprise I found a few things I would have never thought I could safely eat, while at the same time finding out some of the safer looking things actually make me really sicker then I realized. Despite the trouble, I do like that I can now say “an apple a day doesn’t always keep the doctor away” (yeap, apples are my list of things I can’t eat safely). 

But, while I’ve learned a tremendous amount of valuable information about what my body can and cannot do, it’s all careful trial and error, and I’ve hit one to many errors these last few months and I’m starting really feel the wear on my body. It’s become hard to really keep up with posting and responding to comments and such as I just don’t have the energy for it, and as much as I love sharing art with all you folks, I’m taking a much longer break this time around, for as long as I need to make sure I get out of this slump safely and peacefully. 

Now with all that said I do want to note, this isn’t really a surprise to me, I went into this knowing to learn more about how Crohn’s effects my body, I was going to run into some downs at some point. But I did it knowing also that it was a necessary evil to be able to expand my diet and exercise in a positive manner to continue to fight this disease, since I haven’t been able to rely on medicine to do much good for me! And so far it has, and I’m really proud of that fact despite all things.

So with that said, I hope all of you well, whether it be health, family or whatever is important to you!