A hiccup in the machine...
Well folks, as of right now it looks like Patreon/Twitch has become my main source of income. Things haven't been going great with my work, training. A lot of it is due to me not knowing how to market myself, and also not being able to afford to market myself. The inevitability of being Autistic in Crapitalism?

Anyway, I'm going to be pushing more content out in the hopes to grow my Twitch Channel, my Patreon, and just get some more income in.

Tribe pages should start showing up in the next week or two, so if you're donating $5 or more you'll get to see that stuff early. I'll also be doing a couple watercolor paintings each month which will be available for sale. Maybe I can work something watercolor related into my rewards? We will see.

So I just thought I'd give you all an update of where things are for me in life, and catch you up. Hope you all are having a good month though!

Love ya! <3