A Hiccup of Sorts
Hi guys and thank you very much for your patronage. University and freelance work has been a mouthfull this last month and the Cabinet has been on ice (even though Malmö is experiencing something that must be regarded as summer).

Together with that low tide for CabCurio the online course platform changed their pricing structure. It's a fair move on their part, but for a small player like myself, it makes it hard (without financial loss) to provide the preview structure that I've promised you guys. I'm looking into alternative solutions. But for now the publishing of the course project is on hold. And I'll be updating the rewards descriptions as that unfolds.

Those of you who are supporting me on level Compellably Curious or higher should receive (or have received) a coupon code from before the change. As I understand it - this should still be possible to use.

All that dull stuff aside; Inspiration and creativity is flowing. My aim is to bring another video with electronic music geekery pretty soon.

Until then - high five and hugs! Your support is awesome!

//Carl Mikael