The hidden Character

What is this about?

Since I have so many OCs that I barely draw, I have made this. Some of my characters never even been shown to the public xD So, to change that, every Character of mine got a number. I feel more motivated to draw them if the suggestion comes from someone else. I have tried it myself to pick random numbers and such, it is not the same for me lol 

Also I thought this might be a good thing for you to be a part of the content I post here x//3
This entry is linked on my patreon frontpage, so you can get to it easily.

What to do?

- Suggest me any Number from 1 - 102 ɷ◡ɷ
- No worries if your number was picked before, I don't mind drawing the Character again! x//3
- You can see drawings related to this here.

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