Hidden Treasure Hunt Shhhh Secret Specials
Just for our Patreons - before everyone else hears about it - we have hidden treasures all over our web pages - they are completely free you just have to find them!
What's the catch ? NONE!
You can select ONE to add to each order (please dont add them all to your orders as they will get used up in inventory and we will only ship one to you
Just look at them all and choose the one you most want, add it to your order and its yours for free - some are worth $20.

No conditions, other than choose one and place an order!

Now here's the sneaky bit! How do you find them?
Go to RenascentBathBody.com.au and type "FREE" in the search bar and it will narrow down your browsing, but take a look everywhere to find it and please note it is only yours once you go through checkout.

Get in quick

Happy Hunting

NEWS: ALL our RBB soap bases are back in stock this week, you can now buy at the normal bulk prices - jump on and get your orders in

Have a wonderful week!