Higan libretro core!
This is a libretro core of Higan that Themaister is working on. This core will be pushed to upstream and it will not have any alterations done to the core itself. It will be Higan verbatim that is pretty much identical to standalone Higan.

You can read more about its progress here -


We hope this new core will go some way towards restoring some goodwill between both projects.

NOTE: This is independent from our core work. Supermodel core is still coming up and I'm hoping to have some major developments on that shortly and to get the core in your hands as soon as possible.

Other upcoming developments:

* The Xbox OG / Xbox 360 RetroArch versions are coming back. I am already updating many cores to allow them to be able to be compiled for these platforms.

* There will be a Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.5 version of RetroArch available. This is what bparker is looking into separately, and this is independent from our main work.

* A new RetroArch release is coming out soon. I can't promise if the Xbox ports will already be ready by that time, it might have to wait for the next release, but rest assured that a new version of RetroArch is coming out this month regardless, and there will be plenty to talk about.