The High Hope of the Elves (smaller image)
Here is "The High Hope of the Elves", my new artwork I chose for Cermië, July, as a calendar image. Cermië is also the month of Parma Eldaliéva's "birthday". 

As I see it, if there is a work about Middle-earth that bridges the gap between that "sub-created world" and "ours" then that work is "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth". There are great many things I would like to say when posting this image, which is inspired by it, about why I find that work so important, why it moves me so deeply and more, but right now there is simply no time for that. March is coming to a close, I have made you wait for those images long enough, and I would like to post some today. Let me just say, for now, that the reason is not Andreth and Aegnor's relationship (moving as it is), which, I think, comes beyond secondary as far as its importance in the work is concerned.