High School Volunteering, 2 New Videos, Developer Podcast Interview
Thanks in part to your sponsorship on Patreon, I was able to set aside today (at least the part during school hours 9am-3pm, I still did normal work in evening hours after) volunteering with local teenagers who are learning to make their first digital games in high school. Those discussions helped surface the points shared in the second video below, which I hope will be of use to other people out there who are just getting started. The other/first of these two videos is among my most watched recent ones:

Not Enough Time to Make Games (Due to College, Job, Family...)  9:03

Getting From Game Idea to Playable, First-Time GameDev Tips  6:00

I've also uploaded a new podcast interview with Tim Waskett, a hobby game development lead, programmer, and designer on Sunbeam (coming soon!), Critical Alpha, clever Girl, and more.

In preparation for the next Patreon goal being just around the corner I've also now recorded my first guest developer video discussion to share on YouTube. I'm looking to potentially alternate those with additional podcast episodes.

Thanks so much for your support!