Higher Acting Gig Payouts & Royalty Payments


  • Fixed issues with the new Paranormal Investigator career, as well as any CC careers that use the active career gig system.


  • Updated for game version 1.70.84 (Paranormal patch).


  • Updated for game version 1.63.133 (Eco Lifestyle patch).


  • Updated for game version 1.58.63.


  • Fixed an EA bug that was causing gigs not ending properly when your Sim received an overmax promotion.


  • Updated for game version 1.52.100.


  • Fixed incorrect payouts when you do not follow your Sim to work.
  • Added instruction for uninstalling this mod.


  • Updated for game version 1.51.77.


This mod tackles the issue that the actor career makes very little money vs. other money-making activities such as painting and gardening. At level 10, the actor career makes a comparable amount of money vs. other careers in the game. However, all other careers are eligible to gain $10/hour raises for each overmax level, so eventually the actor career will be by far the least profitable of all careers. It simply does not make much sense when your Sim is a global superstar actor.

Fame-scaled Payouts

With this mod, the payout received for completing gigs will now scale with your Sim’s fame level. The higher your Sim’s celebrity star rank is, the bigger the payout will be. At low star ranks, the immediate payout you received will actually be lower than an unmodded game. However, the royalty payments will more than make up for the difference.

For instance, for a gig that pays $3085-$6575 in an unmodded game, here is how much it pays with this mod:

The exact payout is calculated using the following formulas:

minimum_payout = default_minimum_payout^(0.9+fame_level_points/(default_minimum_payout^0.25*2500)), rounded to the nearest 5
maximum_payout = default_maximum_payout^(0.9+fame_level_points/(default_maximum_payout^0.25*2000)), rounded to the nearest 5

Fame level point is what the game internally tracks a Sim’s fame. Rank 1 celebrity = 162 points, rank 2 celebrity = 837 points, etc.

Overmax Levels

Additionally, each overmax career level (i.e. raises you received after you’re already level 10) will increases all base gig payouts (before scaling it for celebrity ranks) by 10%. Each level’s 10% is calculated multiplicatively.

Royalty Payments

Your Sim will now also receive daily royalty payments for each gig completed. The higher the gig payout, the longer the royalty payments will last. The royalty payment amount per day is based off the gig payout and it decreases every day. The exact amount received each day is calculated using the following formula:

daily_payment_amount = gig_payout^0.9*0.75/(1+payment_day_number^5/(7.5*gig_payout^0.75))

Once the expected payment amount drops below the square root of the gig payout, the payments will stop. For instance, if your Sim received $32000 for a gig, the royalty payments will stop once it drops below $32000^0.5=$179. Here’s how much each payment will be over the course of 15 days:

The actual amount received will fluctuate up or down by roughly 10%.


If none of your Sims are currently receiving acting gig royalty payments, you can simply remove the mod files to uninstall it.

If they are still receiving royalty payments, uninstalling this mod will cause all future unpaid payments to be of wrong amount. To prevent this, enter "clear_royalties" in the cheat console to remove all royalty payments for the currently selected sim before uninstalling this mod.

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