HIGHER-DIMENSIONS LIFESTYLE: Multidimensional Spiritual Spa on FuturisTrendcast!
Dear friends, as I mentioned in the previous post:

 2018-2019 PLANS - Big and Small! 

We are doing an uplifting series on FuturisTrendcast to raise the energy. This energy cleansing and uplifting is long overdue. It's like a multidimensional spiritual spa for my blog and all its visitors. It will help my readers feel positive and calm in the midst of all the geopolitical storms we are experiencing around the world! 

In the past few days I posted two first installments of my recommended spiritual music. Great for healing and meditation: 

In the future, I plan to have more of uplifting and higher-dimensional posts of all kinds. 

Without announcing, I actually began a new Category on FT, entitled: 

Multidimensional Spiritual Spa

To see it, scroll down along FT's right-side menu, all the way down to CATEGORIES. This new category will only contain high-calibration, higher dimensional, inspirational and positive content. 

Please visit it, as well as our other new Categories!

If you want me to start a similar Spiritual category on Patreon as well, please tell me in comments!

** On another note, ATTENTION all those who have ordered Multidimensional Reports and Geo Calibration Reports!

They are all coming your way! Some of them are being emailed today, Friday. Others will be coming your way next week, between Monday and Wednesday.