Highroller Casino stage - CFN2Beta version
 PSA: This mod is not needed anymore if you have SFV with patch v2.021. 

 While I still can't put the KPB stage stage from CFN2Beta to the main  game, I found another new stuff. The LVS stage is also updated. The  background NPCs (not the crowds though) have new animations and react to  whatever we are doing during fighting. So guys one again, enjoy the  early access to new LVS stage before it get released officially later.

Shown  above is when in winning round pose, Don Sauvage (the ring announcer on  the story mode) will grab some coins from his hat and scatter them  around, also the two bunny girls will put up a magic trick by making the  pigeon flies out of their hats. For more screenshots, see here http://imgur.com/a/nkPwl

Download Link:

 Here is a gif animation to see some changes in LVS stage from CFN2Beta: https://gfycat.com/ArtisticAcceptableDrafthorse (both thanks to Firkraag for making it)
Here is a gif animation from the main game version for comparison with above: https://gfycat.com/ImperturbableGlassAsiaticmouflon


NOTE: Like the AFB stage, I only test this  mod in training and versus mode, both work fine. But I haven't tried in  online matches, it should work fine too imo.

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