Highshield Introduction and Index
Highshield is a serialized epic fantasy story that is running for at least 28 chapters in 2017. It is about a land where the Gods are real, and religions fight to empower their deities, trying to bring them back into the world.

The Rising Times

The first part of this epic story focuses in on four people who are brought back into the world to represent the Mirada Pantheon, each of them is brought back from the dead after agreeing to serve their Goddess and the lesser Gods in her house.

Leaders from the Temple are unsure of what to do, and we're introduced to a cast of characters including Rendirand - a young priest in the order, Crista - a Wildling who searches for lost treasures in the treacherous forests of the east, and Haffor - Captain of the Paladins who guard the Temple's interests and help their people. There are other characters who are just as interesting, but you'll have to discover them for yourself.

Highshield is a country founded to supply Brightwill, a continent covered in ancient cities, with food and supplies. During the founding days, Kings and Queens sent religious leaders there to attract new settlers and guide the development of the land in Highshield. The trade was simple: Ruling families provide financial and leadership support to the religious orders, and the orders claim land in their name, use their followers to develop it, and send half or more of everything found or grown there back to Brightwill so the kingdoms offering them support could continue to flourish. 

A great wall has risen east of the coastline, and for centuries it protected the citizens in Highshield, but the cities and farmlands have outgrown the wall, and are spreading past it towards the wild, seemingly endless forests of the east.

The story begins with Tadrin, a poor boy who lives near the docks in Highshield. His life is about to change, and he'll be thrust into the middle of everything threatening peace and prosperity in Highshield. 


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Chapter 30 (Non-Fairy Tale Version - The version chosen for the final draft oft he book):  https://www.patreon.com/posts/13161525 

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