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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump - JUICE RAP NEWS SPECIAL EDITION
Dear Patrons! I'm extremely excited to bring you a new Rap News report.

I wasn't sure we would be able to make another Rap News video, but thanks to the countless emails and messages, as well as threats to nuke Australia, I decided it was better to give it a go. It's an experiment, and its success will depend in great part on your response. So I'm curious to see what you think!

I know it won't be the same without Robert Foster, but hope you'll find the same spirit and juice alive and well. And hey, if you like this new episode (and leave lots of loving comments for the awesome team who joined me to make this possible - nudge-nudge!), we might come together again and bring you more Rap News videos in the future.

Time for some shout outs: I couldn't have pulled it off without help from some of the dopest rappers in Australia: MANTRA as Donald Trump / Gary Johnson;
CLASS A as Hillary Clinton / Jill Stein; & GREY GHOST as Vermin Supreme. 
And massive gratitude to the awesome Juice team who came back together to make this episode (all credits in the video description). 

Huge props to Hugo Farrant, with whom I created the original Rap News series. I know many of you will miss his amazing presence on this video. You can follow Hugo's new work at Hugo The Poet:

Lastly, a very special to all the people who chipped in to cover production expenses (credits in the video) - Thank you so much folks, this was the first crowdfunded Rap News video... history happened!

I hope you enjoy the work you have helped me to create, and I'll see you for the next Juicy upload.

Giordano <3

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