Hip hip hurr-launch!
The day has come! 

I created my Patreon account over a year ago, but last Wednesday was when it suddenly hit me that I need to get my page started. Bent Knee had just come back from Europe on Sunday, and we were standing around at the baggage claim of Boston Logan Airport when I looked at Vince, Gavin, and Chris and said "I don't think I'm doing enough with my life." Anyway, fast forward 10 days here's my Patreon page!

A big thank you to my friends who took the time to help me refine the wording and the rewards: Ben Levin, Vince Welch, Chris Baum, Tim Doharty, Liz Fohl, Guy Mendilow, and my brother E. 

A look at what's coming up:

  • Two live videos from my collab with Childish Japes. I'll be releasing the demo for my original song "Silver Needle of Pine", some transcriptions, and a post on the song's story. 
  • Terror Bird in 5-ish parts. I've dug up some old voice memos on my iPhone from when I started writing the Bent Knee song Terror Bird. I'll transcribe some of what's going on, and talk about how the song developed over the course of a year or so. This will probably be a 5-ish part series with audio, transcriptions, and analysis. 
  • Courtney writes strings. I have a solo show with a string quartet coming up, so I'm due to write some new string arrangements. Thinking of doing a screen cap of the writing process, and narrating some of my thinking as I write... 

Oh, and I'll pick an album to listen to for the inaugural Bookclub Meeting! 

Thanks for stopping by :)