His name is Brian
The theme song for Brian


Who's that guy

Lurking in the shadows

Who's that man

Sneaking up to me

When you look

He is disappearing

Why is he

So hard to see?

(Danny) Okay Brian, let's go

So he is Brian, 

Yes Brian

Like a ninja in the shadows

He is Brian

He is Brian

Yes Brian

Like a ninja in the shadow

He is Brian

He has claws

Shining in the shadows

But why is he

Sneaking up to me

Where's he now

I cannot see him

I feel like

I'm caught in his web

(Danny) Oh, Brian, come see this!

Oh Brian

Sneaky Brian

He's like a ninja in the shadows

That Brian

Just go Brian

Leave Brian

That sneaky in the shadows

That Brian.

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