History Comics Panel from VanCAF
Hey friends!

Yet ANOTHER panel recording for you to listen to on your lengthy days in the comics mines. This one was a definite highlight for me: Jonathon Dalton led a wonderfully nerdy discussion about history comics at VanCAF this year. It was such fun to sit down with Steve LeCouilliard, Tony Cliff, Kris Sayer, and Rachel Kahn to discuss all our various history niches, including weird things we're extra passionate about (Viking underwear, carriage accuracy, intelligence vs. the wheel, etc.), research tips, and common pitfalls. 

It's just a treat to talk to other people who get really wrapped up in the work they do—especially when it's from a different corner of history from mine.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this recording. Thanks for making it possible for me host all these talks on SoundCloud!