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The History of Heresy
Since the inception Christianity, the notion of heresy has consumed most of its architects, from the early churches to the Protestant Reformation. Beginning with the disagreements among the various fluid factions, it quickly transformed into a cleansing apparatus that could be very blind and unpredictable in its pruning of spiritual rebels. Being orthodox or heretic was heavily dependent on living in the right historical environment or social class; and both sides could switch places at a moment’s notice. The lines were never as clear as romanticized history claims. Many notorious heretics were actually very influential in crystallizing Christian theology, although their rewards were not exactly proper. We take an unbiased excursion into the history of heresy—from Marcion to the Inquisition, and beyond. We understand the struggles of the Gnostics, Marcionites, Arians, Donatists and other Christian sectarians. And the various tragedies that befell those who lost the major debates or couldn’t navigate the political waters of a post-Constantine Christian world.

Astral Guest—Jonathan Wright, author of Heretics: The Creation of Christianity from the Gnostics to the Modern Church.