History of Stealth Games Part 3: Coming Soon!

Good morning!

Let’s get down to business: the latest video format worked well, so I think I’ll be making Stealth Focus a fixture in the Stealth Docs video line-up.

I was hoping for - maybe - a few dozen views and hopefully a positive response, given that this was the first video I’ve made that wasn’t a lengthy discussion on stealth gaming. However, as I type these words the first episode of Stealth Focus has garnered 200 views and 26 ‘likes’. Typically I’d expect less than 10% of viewers to ‘like’ a video, so this is very encouraging.

What’s even more encouraging is that the channel continues to grow. Over a dozen subscribers have joined recently, as well as a new sponsor for Stealth Docs here on Patreon - and a warm welcome to you, Sir, if you’re reading! :)

So, what’s next?

I’m already working on “A History of Stealth Games: Part 3”, and you wouldn’t believe how many 2D stealth-based games are out there these days. It’s taking me a while to find, purchase and play through as many as I can, with the usual constraints of work hours. I’m very determined, though. And various sales have helped me out with the financials!

This is basically shaping up to be a giant acknowledgement of Abe’s Odyssee’s influence on the Stealth Genre. Appropriate, given that I put this game on the timeline before “The Class of ‘98” in Part 2, then proceeded to ignore it for the entire episode.

There’s a lot to cover and - as ever - I’m not certain how things will end up on the video editor. All I can promise is that I will take the time I need to make it as good and accurate as it can possibly be. 

For Patrons, I’m releasing some new artwork over the Bank Holiday. You all deserve a massive “thank you” for sponsoring what is currently a small part-time project.

So: THANK YOU! Please feel free to shout at me if you have any questions. :)