A History of Guinea Something Good (Part Two)
(continued from Part One) I was so concerned with making my art as good as it possibly could be for fTGP, that my natural impulse was to make a comic that was as far away from that as possible. Thus, Guinea Something Good was born. No longer two guinea pigs sitting in a cage, Guinea Something Good was the same more realistic drawings of guinea pigs, but plopped into an empty void filled with horribly mouse-drawn backgrounds. The humor mainly came from how stilted the dialogue was and how ridiculous the comic itself was. This is where the name "Guinea Something Good" came from - the stupidest title I could think of. What's weird about GSG is that I assumed it would be much the same as "Cagin' It" - I'd do about 50 and then go on to something else, all the while with my focus clearly on fTGP. But there was something about the format that brought out a rawness from me, just a pure, unadulterated version of my sense of humor. With no story to stay confined by, and no limits to what situations the characters could be placed in, I felt completely free. It became the comic that felt the most like putting myself on paper. At a certain point, I realized GSG was here to stay. There have been a lot of changes to GSG from that first strip from three and a half years ago. I'm constantly playing with the format, pushing GSG and seeing what else I can make it, what can it grow into? It was inevitable that I wouldn't remain satisfied using the same two images for every comic placed on a pure white backdrop. I knew there was only so much humor that could come from the fact that something is stilted, and gradually the strip evolved into humor driven by characters - unintentionally, and unknowingly. But when I realized that GSG was shifting, the question became - what IS GSG? It was this strip I had fallen into, with no clear road ahead. It's a strip purely driven by instinct. I desperately want to retain its essence, but I resist stagnation and repetition, as well. It has to grow, but how and where it grows can only be dictated by a vague feeling of what "seems" right. A decision to go in a certain direction today would not have made sense yesterday. It has a life of its own. (To be continued in Part Three.)
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