History of Cyberpunk RPGs (Part Four: 2004-2007)


Woot! Talk about cutting it close. My excuse is Gen Con and getting drunk on all the phat loot I got from pawning my silver ENnie medal. Despite that, I managed to get in another installment of my Cyberpunk History lists, this time covering from 2004 to 2007. It's an interesting collection, filled with the last hurrah of d20 Sourcebooks and Cyberpunk 2020 itself. It also has contains an rpg with the most soul-destroying character sheet I've yet seen. 

In any case, thanks once again for your support with this project. I look forward to getting closer to the present day next month. Each entry draws me closer to games I've actually played recently.  Please feel free to reshare this list anywhere folks might be interested in cyberpunk or rpgs in general. If you have questions, contritions, emulations, enthusiasms, venalities, or constructive critiques, please send those on. 

Thanks again!