If you came to my recent Superchicks show, you may have noticed that I didn’t do any of my usual mini-paintings. My plan all along was to do fifteen of them for the show, but time just ran out out. So I’ve been debating what to do with all these unfinished backgrounds. I thought about saving them for the next show, but whatever comes next will likely look a bit different than these, reflecting some of the innovations I’ve incorporated into this summer’s newest commissions.

And then I thought, why not just ask people what they’d like to see? Audience participation is fun, and sometimes people come up with some incredibly cool suggestions.

You can see the individual paintings in the header image above. The one in the upper lefthand corner will most likely be a mini Harley Quinn, but the others?

No idea.

Hopefully that’s where you come in. What would you like to see on these little metalflake pieces? Hit me up with your most off-the-wall ideas.