Hello Patrons!

I originally set this page up for myself so I could scale up my teaching activities. I didn't really take it seriously because I couldn't really make sense of it, and then I ended up founding a company to facilitate my teaching and it was AMAZING. For-profit education companies have drawbacks, however, and I have since shut that company down to broaden my scope. I am now devoted to working full time to make the world a better place, and I would be honoured if you would help me and be my companions on this journey.  I'm taking a crazy leap of faith with you!

I put together a list of the activities that I can really make an impact with, and I will be actively searching for the most leveraged and impactful ways to use my time on this earth. I'm ready to take direction from any of my patrons, and I simply delight in helping people. Activities that help the most people will be preferred, particularly if those people stay helped.  I'll be looking to create happiness, alleviate suffering, and harm no one. I'll be looking for ways to promote Freedom and oppose oppression, with a healthy helping of Free Software and Free Speech projects.

Activities like:  

- Teaching programming and design skills to students at public schools

- Writing software for charities and civic organizations, through involvement with organizations like CivicTechTO

- Helping individuals with technical challenges, e.g. fixing computers for the elderly or schools

- Improving at least one person’s day each day, and hopefully getting their consent to publish their story

- Participating in hackathons for honourable causes (like Gift the Code and Open Data Hackathon)

- Lending a hand to causes my patrons suggest

- Constantly thinking about how to do better and help others do better

- Reading The Lorax to younger students at school

- Publishing inspirational videos, memes, stories…

- Organizing events to scale our efforts to make the world a better place

- 3D printer fixing!

... You get the idea. Any way that I can use my skills and feel good about it, I'll try.

I'm wiling to consider other initiatives too, like lobbying city hall committees, or even travelling to help out projects in other countries.

I know a lot of people personally who feel trapped by their lives, doing work to survive that they know increases inequalities and is essentially counterproductive to creating a better world. I want to give everyone an opportunity to participate in something they can feel good about, and provide some inspiration that it IS possible to spend your life doing good.

I'm going to be throwing myself into this full time as of RIGHT NOW, so I should be able to make daily posts and updates. We'll see in a month what the best rythm is for producing high-quality content, but we're going to find out together.

I can't wait to see where this goes!

With Love,


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