Hittin' the road! Packing for a plein air adventure...
**NEW patron shout out!  Wlelcome, Taliesyn!! Excited to have you on the team!** 

Next week I'll be painting lavender fields in Oregon with fellow Patreon Creator, Talya Johnson. Together we will be recording videos from the field, sharing tips for plein air trips, and all sorts of fun stuff. :) 

While packing today I wanted to take a moment and share some of the goodies that I will be taking with me. This trip includes a friendly competition where we will turn in our work for an exhibition.... so that means a variety of frames are making the trek to Oregon as well.

Some things that are often overlooked but come in very handy on a plein air trip are: 
• Sunscreen
• Bug Spray
• Hand Sanitizer
• Advil/Tylenol
• Hand Clamps
• Leatherman tool or equivalent
• BIG beautiful hat <--non-negotiable
• Business Cards - Fliers - Etc.

I have included a printable list of all my usual plein air supplies. :) Download it(click the blue file icon beneath the main image), hit print, and you're set! :D