Hive Mind: Amoral Anthem I
Conclusion: Now gather round the epidemic fire of our ancestors, paper epitaph deaf painted gold ashen prayer mythic oracle god clip your knees in submissive half and subject your audio stung adrenaline drug manipulated senses listen as the flames ingest the carcass of traffic raped children behind centuries of phantom white shrapnel name amputated crosses and battalions of fallen no bell ever told the entire spread of their story angels... Who feigned a jaded choice to follow the mythical Santa scapegoat clause lieutenant Lucifer, Just to hold forever the disclaimer: Every conscious being has the right to question! Even if you must deluge the eternal rest of your existence in under the harbingers speechless proclamation of grace wings for atonement. In lieu of our participation in, Attaching heart's inheritance to avarice A contingency of greed
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