Hive Mind: Surgical Pessimism's Charisma III
Humanity unrecorded died, Terminal climate self ignorance unbelief trolls removed empathy's brooding hope for anything happily camouflaged after this moment... Input: Heart's mechanized faith stone empty well excavation chasm snuffed intake out rail skeletal crew sought the mirage of fear's last night's invitation of pessimism's death before life's possibility for change lounge could migrate from invisible abyss, No life gravity preserver sinking chest autopsy citizen of sandcastle inhumane memory ache earth's could soft empathy ware upload hope back into a manifest impending climate of heavenly golden avarice is no stranger to hemmed on scarred no sober help never praised the dexterity of hope above animosity as it insights a troll in the mirror's unfashionable myth appearance caught between shadows of self and solitude on the wall! This is the never changed moments caught less than a chalk week outline of a last atrophy lullaby cave breath in.... In lieu of our participation in, Watching a time we never knew Once upon... Hiding
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