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You vote, we will listen! In the near future we are planning on making exclusive Hive Mind merch, and we want to know what you want! vote below for your favorites! Eventually we would like to makes all the things, but for now we would like to focus on what you want most.  You have about a week to vote! Thanks for playing! 

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Poll ended Jun 9, 2018
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Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
$1 or more per month 3 patrons

First look at news, updates, tour dates, etc. 

This tier is best for those who just want to support, and stay in touch on what we are up to in general. We will post regularly here first, before we put out news anywhere else. So stay in the loop! 

Podcast Extrasodes

These are podcasts made exclusively to Hive Mind members. Here we will cover more personal topics, the inner workings of the band, and things we find interesting that deserve their own episodes.

Hive Mind merch access:

This is exclusive Authmentis merchandise made just for the Hive Mind members! Special designs, limited edition runs, and whatever else we decide to put out just for you!

$5 or more per month 10 patrons
Tier 1 included

A full Album:

 Enjoy our most recently released album as an mp3! When a new album is available, you will have first access to download it here each and every time we release new music.

Live Cast video sessions

Authmentis will be streaming live here just for you Hive Mind Members! We will play live, talk with you, and whatever else we think may be fun to do with this medium. 

$10 or more per month 3 patrons
Tier 1 and 2 included

Full Authmentis catalogue

At this tier, you will have access to the full Authmentis music catalogue available by mp3 download. We may even throw in unreleased rarities from time to time as well. 

Behind the scenes updates

See how we make our music, our videos, etc. Learn what it really takes to write/record/mix/master/produce our music as a band, and all that comes with it. 


Early Access 

Enjoy early access to all exclusive Hive Mind content before anyone else. How early? At least 3 days.

 (This does not include the public Hive Mind podcast.)

The Ultimate Discount

20% off of all merch, and tickets (one ticket per member, per show)


Everyone who has committed to the $10 tier we will be part of a monthly drawing for your chance to win something random and special from the band. It could be anything from a private skype session, to free tickets. Whatever makes sense and is awesome, we would like to reward you with for the support as our way of saying thanks! 

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