Hive Mind: Surgical Pessimism's Charisma V
Hive Mind: Surgical Pessimism's Charisma V Humanity's echo died, Un-A.I-Recorded white insignificant terminal memory snuffed forever rare dream's unreal buried nostalgia cage out: A lucid shame cocoon of dark ochre burnt fate rage's ache, Behind regret's derailed skeletal cave lounge: A chest autopsy of our lethargic atrophy, No ambiguous title never granted artificial citizen's intelligence invented chalk faded outlined heritage family title - name - death heirloom'd after hatred read the will, A banished desert fuss over our earth's impending climate we caused moments of extinction red level catastrophe, Lovelessness caught in an impending lullaby breath, regretfully cared to show. In lieu of our participation in, Acknowledging, But never searching, Continuously blindly... walking
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