HoA Presents! (Offline Image) [01.03.2017 to 01.06.2017]
Ha! Oh man... Where do I start?

Okay, so a few years back I thought I'd make something for myself using the old RCA Indian Head test pattern. A little wallpaper for my systems and my 360. The only part that would change would be I have Prophet on it instead of the indian head. I never got around to it 'cause I never bothered to but out my old dip pen ('cause if I was going to do this, I was going to do the full inkwash and rock my fun gear).

Flash forward to New Year's and me staring at older style fonts. It hit me that I could revive this idea with a little extra twist - use it as yet another chance to practice my digital stuff and pop it up to Twitch for an "Offline" pic. = )

It took a bit of prep to find my old files and some fonts that fit the bill. I sat down with my pencil and sketchbook one night and sketched out a decent looking pic. I scanned it and popped it over to my Note5 to do all the fun digital inks and colors - which I recorded and will stick together in a little video for later.

The fun part came with the test pattern. Dropping in the text, the new pic and a grayscale HoA logo was easy enough. It was after I uploaded it to Twitch where things went south as they needed a pic that had a 16:9 aspect ratio to work right. The test pattern was built in 1939 when TVs had a 4:3 aspect ratio.

The rest of my night was spent building out that test pattern to 16:9 while trying to keep it as faithful as I could in spacing with the original. I searched for some online but what I found wasn't I was hoping for.

What started as a goofy project ended up quite the task but I like the end result. I also like that I now have a 16:9 Indian Head test pattern to show for it (without all my added stuff). = )

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