HoA Presents: 'Bone Head' Design
If you've followed my Instagram during October, you might have seen this little snapshot. -> https://www.instagram.com/p/Ba0cpVXFBtU/

It was from a broadcast I sparked late one night to see if A) My setup was good & B) If the tweaks to my 'Net Connection did anything useful. In that moment of stability, I did a stream on Twitch of me relaxing by working in Illustrator.

What? o.O

Anyhoo! Twitch saved the stream on their end and it looked solid enough to make a quickie timelapse out of it. And by "Quickie Timelapse", I mean - like the Drawlloween book - the template file I made for these simple videos paid off big time. I went from about a week of tweaking things to a single night of work. This isn't to say it's perfect but it's a Fantastic start.

Not sure if I'll use the graphic anywhere just yet. It's neat and looks like something you'd find on a kid's shirt but I don't have any plans beyond what it is just yet.

Hope folks dig it as much as I did making the pic. = )