HoA Presents: Prophet Head Pt1 - Lines
Pt2 - https://youtu.be/yLNM6oMmeIE

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Remember how I mentioned I was going to stick the video of me drawing this pic together in an earlier post? Well... here we go. = )

It took longer than I thought it would on the first one but it helped me set up the bones of a beast I can use on an future vids. These are pretty much WYSIWYG videos where I just dropped a little info on what I tools I used and a little info on the song I ran under sped up versions on my digital inks and colors. It's as basic as you can get with an art video.

That said, now that I have something to work off of, I can think pretty much just drop whatever I need into it and let it run. The title and credits are their own things and the middle is easily switched out when needed. Only issue was digging for music that I liked that I could also freely share (or at the very least had proper credits for).

I may have a better idea as to how I can speed the making of these up but I can't promise this as a constant thing. I absloutely want your thoughts on these things. I'd love to improve on them for the next time I try this. = )

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