Hobo Dave's Nickels
I came across Hobo Dave's work on a friend's facebook page and I was immediately blown away! He carves many types and denominations of coins and greatly increases their value with his work. The unique way he reshapes coins to have new faces and designs is mind blowing. His carving allows for him to support himself financially and travel the US in his mobile workshop. It sounds wonderful and I would love to be in a living situation where I can travel while making things.

Dave goes a step farther and has recently started a scholarship program to provide tools and carving lessons to deserving individuals so they can support themselves with this unique craft. Sharing his knowledge is a wonderful gift for him to offer to others. Buying his coins supports not only him, but future carvers so his one of a kind coins are definitely worth every cent! He typically auctions his coins via his Facebook page and only accepts custom work if he wants to carve it. You wont regret taking a look at his coins.

Supporting me on Patron or buying from my online shop helps me afford tools and materials for projects like this. Hobo Dave's coins have inspired me a lot to work towards my goals with my art. I would love to carve my own nickles and continue working on metal jewelry that I started in college. I would love to explore carving as most of my crafty work involves adding rather than removing. I know I need roughly $1,000 to get the basic tools, but I could make a much bigger profit than I do from my wood burning and hemp jewelry. In the mean time, I have experimented with tools and sharp objects on coins to get a feel for the metal as well as sketched some carve designs over print outs of coins. If my creativity is something you would like to support, please consider becoming a patron!