Hchere is the deal.

If you haven't heard, Patreon...

Actually listened to people.

They are not implementing the new fees for supporters.

This thrills me. 

We did a thing, internet. We did a thing.


While we did a thing, a lot of creators were hurt by Patreon's - let's call it what it was - threat. It was a threat. Many lost pledges. Many lost many pledges.

I, sitting here in grateful tears, lost no pledges.

In fact, I gained one.

What the actual fuck, kids.

So first, an apology: this week has been quiet. Those of you who know me personally know I've had some Life Stuff going on. Patreon... might have to take a back seat until Family Life Calms Down. I Will Post When I Can (capital letters mean promises. Fact). But I will still post here. 

That being said, I'm still mad at Patreon for their little stunt, so while I'm not migrating totally over to Tumblr, a lot of stuff that I post here will be cross-posted there. Mostly $1 and free (well, free's free, and that really gets posted everywhere) stuff, but sometimes Bigger, More Important stuff. Rarely. Not often. I do want you folks to have exclusives, I really truly do. You're important to me. The fact that not a single one of you left is important to me. Especially after this past week. I mean that. But it was brought to my attention that's Patreon's subscription service does make it a lot easier on some folks, and I want to respect and honor that, so I'm keeping it. Patreon has said they will "need to find another way to" blah blah blah whatever. But if this space is best for all of you, it stays. As long as you're not getting fucked, and I'm not getting fucked, or we're getting fucked together and it's consensual, it stays. 

So things will go up on Tumblr. Slowly. Not right now. I'm fucking exhausted. Life has thrown me so many curve balls that even posting ridiculous fan fiction is literally sucking the air out of my lungs and replacing it with liquid exhaustion. So bear with me. I am here. Soon, more stories will be here. More videos, too. But first, a breath.

Vive la résistance.