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HOLE IN THE GROUND - the video

Hello my darlings,

here´s your first May thing! A bit delayed because I brought home a massive cold from RAISING STEAM about which you will read more in the upcoming tour blog. 

It was amazing. And hilarious :-D and as our very first tour experience with Rah, it was a blast! We are a family <3

but to matters more close at hand: Hole in the Ground deserved a proper video all along. I´m not making new material for old music without Rah now because there´s so much new stuff coming! but I had the backstage videos from our OUT cover shooting on my harddisk all the time, and always wanted to make something with them. Why I didn´t think of this connection earlier - no idea.

It´s vimeo only not YouTube or facebook for obvious reasons :-D (see Play The Ukulele...) so I´m tagging this gender, too.

If you haven´t seen it, have a look at the OUT artwork (separate post under this very title and tag)! ANd here you can see how we did that :-D

I had a lot of fun doing this. Most pieces fell into (rhythmic) place all by themselves.


Oh and here´s a post with lyrics and song and whatnot.

love, Feline

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