The Hole - Live at Art Boutiki, San Jose
Happy Tuesday, noble few! Thought I'd share this video that someone sent me of a performance of The Hole at the Art Boutiki in San Jose. This was the first time that Joey and I were played "duo" (trio really, with Mr Bandy on the drums) kicking off the last NW Tour. While we love the full ensemble, it was a really amazing thing to play 4 entire shows with just Joey and I -- it left a lot of SPACE for little details and nuances to shine through. And we dug it. 

I just included this and a couple other live videos that I'll share in an application for the FAR-West Folk Music Conference Showcase. We'll see what happens. I'm feeling the bug to get back on the road, back in the studio, and see the wild world in my favorite way -- playing music in all its weird cracks and crannies. 

Lord knows how we shall make it all work with live, living, loving, and the lot of it... somehow though, it always does work out, don't it? Somehow.