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Holes in the ground!
Had a blast making these! Continuing the surprisingly popular (I wasn't expecting that) let's make series, more battlefield basics for your board!

Little annoyed with myself that it's a famine to feast situation with the videos lately, moving into spode has introduced new time management / family logistics challenges into the terrain tutor mix.

We're getting used to dad dissapearing to the studio now and the addition of a bicycle has made it a lot easier. Now I have a plan for September that fingers crossed, will resolve the fame to feast situation by putting me ahead in videos, so instead of vids going live as soon as they're done, it'll be a regular stream of vids, same day, same time, every week. That's the plan!

Content wise, I'm aiming to keep the core vids as a balance between the let's makes, and the more technical technique on focused subject vids. So I'm guessing alternating them week to week. Then there's the terrain labs, product overviews, build overviews (I'm working on that concept) and a regular live from the studio day to figure into the mix.

So, to sum up, thanks for sticking with me through this whole studio transition folks, now it's time for me to step it up again and make the channel better than ever!

From me and the Bose clan, thank you, seriously, you folks are amazing! :-D