Holiday Cards and Patreon Crap
Holiday cards for supporters on the $3 tier and up will be sent out early next week! Keep an eye out for yours! 

Also, I wanted to address the recent news about Patreon. I'm sure you've heard that they plan on increasing fees for supporters, which is a stupid move that hurts both you, the people who help me out every month, and myself. The reasoning Patreon has given (for now, anyway) is they wanted to move the responsibility of transaction fees to supporters to "remove the burden" from creators. Which is not something I ever asked for, nor did they ever ask me if it was something I wanted. I'm more than willing to absorb the fees rather than force them upon you guys.

A much more comprehensive explanation of what's going on can be found here:

My Patreon page will be staying up for now, and I'm hoping after the enormous backlash they've been receiving from both creators and supports Patreon will change their mind before December 18th, which is when they plan on implementing these new fees. However, I am looking at other options for how you can support me and my work. I will most certainly keep you guys posted.

For now, thank you for your support, no matter how show it.