Holiday Island beta has been released

Hi guys and gals,

the second bug fix and content update for beta has been released.

It includes all the fixes and new content from this post: 

This is an update for the version beta or beta only.
In case you are new to the game, you need to download one of the main game files version beta (PC or MAC) from the links on my main patreon page:

Save games from 0.0.8 alpha and later versions should still be working. Older saves are no longer supported. Some saves might still not load. Sorry for that, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Please download the update to beta from the attached file or one of these links:!u4N3zKDZ!8RIQwR6XTZ4i4KERDUrHiT9J1RjpTS-O7RHZoGTC5uo
from the attachment in this post

To apply the update, please extract all files from the zip archive to the folder where you installed the full game. Overwrite all files when asked.
For Mac users, please navigate the folder structure:\Contents\Resources\autorun
Inside you find the folder named "game". Copy the content of zip file into the "autorun" folder from above.

EDIT: quick fix file attched
events.rpyc fixes an error where the game tries to use the "plane girl" intro, event though the girl arriving is not Aly.

To apply the quick fixed, use the update to and after that overwrite the files in your game folder with the ones attached to this post.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have fun playing,

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