🎁 Holiday Shopping 🎁
Just in time for the holidays, I'm starting a sale at the ArtsyAlchemist shop  and wanted to grant you early access to this one aswell, besides just all my videos, to thank you for your support! In this video I'm introducing something old, something new, something blue- and, well, the CD's aren't borrowed but were kindly gifted to me by Damien specifically to sell in my shop. There's lots more stuff to check out if you're interested and a lot of it is one of a kind so once it's gone, it's gone. That's why I thought you might appreciate knowing about it first. 

All you need to know is in the video description so be sure to read this one so you don't miss out on the coupon code!

Otherwise, just relax and enjoy an array of tingly sounds like jingle bells, tapping, scratching on different materials, crinkly plastic and lots more! 

(Also, remember my character Sage from way back when? ;) Did I give anything away yet?) 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and treat yourselves for all the hard work this year!


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