Hollow Bodyguard
This was my Halloween art for this year. I wanted to make two ghost Pokémon that was anthropomorphic. So I decided on Lampent and Hunter. Hunter is still in the works but Lampent character I got done in time. As I was making this character my geeky side took over, and envision a story as I work. So I thought I would write it out the story that I told myself while making the art, and put togather.

A woman Is walking on a old harsh dirt road. A child follows her, their hands clasped. Their fear is palpable.

“Are we going be okay Mom?” The child asked, a worried look on his face.

“Mommy’s trying her best, dear.” Replied his mother, frustration edging her voice.

“But Mom, the man said if we don't give him Dad’s money, he would-“

“I KNOW WHAT HE SAID!” angrily interrupting the child. She let out a sigh and knelt down to bring herself to the child’s level.

“Look honey, Mommy can't afford to cover Daddy’s debts. We need to keep running so the bad man won't get us, okay?” The woman said in a calmer voice.

“But what happens if they catch us?” doubt in his voice.

“Mommy’s not going to late that happen sweetie.”

“ I highly doubt you're capable of making that promise.”

The woman turns around quickly to see where the voice was coming from. A man seemingly made from metal materialized before them. He was tall, a long cap with a large brim upon his head. Papers hung from the edges of it. The woman stood, putting her son behind her in a protective gesture. The metallic stranger stared at the woman, who had taken a defensive pose. The stranger regarded her quietly, The woman still in a defiant stance.

“I mean you no harm. Quite the opposite, I’ve come to offer my services to you.” He said, tipping his hat to her. She regarded him ,suspicion in her eyes. Her unease diminished.

“What services?” she asked hesitantly.

“To be a bodyguard, of course, to you and your offspring.”

The woman relaxed her pose somewhat.

“I have no money. No way to pay you.”The stranger chuckled. The woman’s unease came back.

“Oh, but you do. I require no riches. I only need that spark, the thing that makes you, you. I offer my services for your soul.” He tore one of the papers from his hat. The woman’s mouth moved in protest but the stranger raised a hand to silence her.

“I am no monster, madam. I offer my services to you freely, with your soul as payment only if you should die.” Disbelief covered her face.

“Then why would I ever want you to protect me?! It is in your best interest for you to fail!” The Stranger eyes squint in smile like shape. It did not make her feel better.

“I take pride in my work madam. It also states in the contract if you bother to read it, that I must do all that is in my power to keep you safe and if I meet death, then the contract is null and void. And I do so love a challenge…you have many who wish to harm you, and they shall feed me in your stead. And I am so very, very hungry…”

Little more background for additives on this character. His nick line are contracts and on the hat line is his back up spells. He has a sword cane and the casing is made out of other Lampent metal, and blade is made from a Chandelure. Therefore the sword cane has ghostly powers. He has a Sling like pouch around his waist.

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