Hollow Victory
That feeling you get when you finally “win”!  
It can be anything really;
from finishing daunting work you thought you’d never get done in time
Or a painting, you never thought you’d get to look like you envisioned it,  Maybe those video games you always KO in…?
Or game of clue; you’re sure they are cheating!  
But when you finally win,
it’s this flood over joyfulness that you cannot keep tame!  
You want to proclaim it to the whole world!
“Take that!”
But then you realize…  
In one more month it’s the same work rush all over again…
You’re worrying about getting the next painting perfect!
You just KO’d and didn’t save...
You just lost again to those “cheaters”!  
Your high is now at an all-time low.
Was it all for nothing?