Hollywood exposed, literally!!!
Episode 903:   Sexual abuse and sex scandals have been going on way longer than I have been alive.  To barrow a Bible verse “there is nothing new under the sun.”  People of power throughout human history have been using their position to exercise power over those that rank under them.

 It's not just Hollywood, it's TV, Fashion, and politics, Catholic church, YouTube, and other places of employment where folks work and make a living.  Power is abused, and people get hurt, and too many times these aggregations are just swept under the rug.  Folks are getting tired of it, and so the exposure of these sexual predators happens from time to time.  

 One good thing that is coming out of the social media phenomenon, it is harder to hide your dirty laundry.  The sunshine of truth is shinning it's light on these atrocities!!!  My hope is that the more folks come out and report these monsters, the less likely new monsters will act!!!

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