Holtzbert – Nyctophobia

Erin took a seat against the wall beside Holtz and turned her phone upward to provide some light.  After a moment, Erin bumped her friend’s shoulder lightly with her own. Holtz glanced back.

With an outstretched arm, Erin offered, “You can tell me, I won’t judge, I promise.”Holtzmann accepted the side hug instantly, the light on the torch flicked out which plunged them back into darkness.  With the power out, not even the ever-present New York City glow could keep the darkness out; minus the tiniest glow from Erin’s phone, they were truly in pitch black.  Holtz’ hands clutched tightly to Erin’s shirt and Erin could feel the trembles that coursed through her friend.  She rubbed her hand down Holtz’ arm gently and felt her relax the tiniest bit.This closeness wasn’t new.  Since the first “come here often?” Holtz had just… fit.  Erin hadn’t been troubled by it; she hadn’t noticed it.  It all just seemed so natural, she hadn’t questioned it until feelings had started to complicate the issue.With a groan, Holtz confessed: “I have… nyctophobia.”Erin blinked, perplexed, “I don’t know what that is.”…

Hello, my name is Eevachu and I have descended into Ghostbusters  and fanfiction hell.  Welcome.

Based on a prompt by TDot_Babs.  I took some visual liberties, since like this is literally happening in the dark. :V

People ask me occasionally if I can write.  I can.  Absolutely.  I’m not GREAT at it, but I manage.  So I’ve started taking holtzbert fanfic prompts because honestly, election got me bummed, work got me bummed, the crippling fear I will never find the girl of my dreams to spend the rest of my life with got me bummed.  You know, the usual. 

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