Holy Shit
The best way I can describe these next episodes is we attempt to talk to guest Carrie Keegan about her one day run on The Apprentice. Yet no one can hear her over the sound of Sherrod's dick banging trash can lids together! Or as he calls it, flirting! The second one is better I'll say it. Because Go To Gay Tommy comes in to ask Carrie why her ex, Aaron Sorken writes like he hates women. I know, I wanted to say shut up Tommy, too. But Tommy correctly pointed out he doesn't have a dog in this fight so hear him out. Also in second episode Carrie reveals a story from her new book "Everybody Curses, I swear!" In which she discovers her vagina can literally smell cancer. I know! It sounds like Neal Degrasse Tyson should be narrating this! Don't worry free episode cheapskate! You will still relieve the oriental wisdom of Shanghai comic Storm Xu! His words!!!! With more of his Chinese racist Andy Rooney segment! Actual Chinese people are hilarious. Honest to God I could adapt to living there if I had to. As a white male, it's kinda fun to be known as the victim of racism,for a change! If your black it's even still fun because somehow the racism on top of racism like cancels out, and you eventually become lightening!