Allright, so here's the Patreon account for the Fucking Linda book. If you haven't followed on LettersToJustNoMil, I am now 50 pages into the book. My town was hit by a really nasty storm, and between having to replace all the food in my fridge and chest freezer, and facing my SECOND roof replacement in a year... I finally took the advice of all the people who have told me to just get a goddamn Patreon.

If you feel like it, and can afford it, and it won't dig into your Tacos and Beer budget, it would be keen.


1. I just set up a chat server, that does text and voice chats, for the JustNoMil community. I may open it to everyone once I figure out how to moderate/manage the damn thing, but Patreons will get FLAIR. I'm still figuring this out. 

2. You get early access to the rough draft of the Fucking Linda book. It's a google doc right now, and you'll get rights to read it and leave comments on the side. It's  not well laid out, but there's some Fucking Linda stories that are pretty intense, that I have not posted on JustNoMil. So it's Extra Llama Food. 

3.  YOU GET CHAPTERS EARLY. That's right, I'll actually organize my goddamn book so that I can put up chapters early, so you can read my trademark advice (which I am still shocked anyone listens to) and get your drama llama food 

4. When I publish the book, you get a paper copy at a discount.  OH YEAH!

5. You get added to the acknowledgements section at the front of the book!

I don't know if this is going to work in the slightest, but hey, if any of y'all want to help that's OK with me. Ish. I might need to breathe into a paper bag.