Holy Smokes my painting looks so cool!
Whoa! Total Keanu Whoa. 

I gotta use Patreon as a bit of a scrapbook here, because wow, that looks amazing. Thanks so much to my bud Alex for catching this shot, on a random weeknight. 

Ya know, just my painting, hangin' out at Patreon HQ, where everybody walks by it every day. :oO This photo is so stunning.

It's funny, I've been to Patreon enough times now that I don't always "see" my own painting anymore. I don't look at it. I don't take photos of it. There's a whole lot of awesomeness flowing through Patreon already so my painting, which I already spent a lot of time with, starts to blend into the background of my vision. I'm just so comfortable hanging out in the office that I forget it's there. I'm going about my way, totally oblivious, until someone wants to introduce me to someone else at a holiday party and I step toward them out of the darkness wearing bright white pants that reflect the blacklight like a supernova, blinding everyone in the 10 foot surrounding area.

Blinding white pants. Really feel like I should have seen that coming. 

Special thanks to Patreon, by the way, for valuing the whole blacklight aspect. I've had many public installations where those involved find that part too complicated to maintain. (It's really not. It's just a light.) Patreon not only recognizes the fullness of the art accompanied by a blacklight-- they handle it simply and beautifully. They adorably fall over themselves apologizing when the fixture is broken. :D I'm just happy to be there, blacklight or not! But it's taught me something: If it's important to someone, if they truly value my art, the additional effort is obvious. It's standard. It's baseline. They see it as I do-- as something more than a painting. They value my art, not the easiest way to store it. It's a small thing, and perhaps I have a sensitivity to it, but it's really very meaningful to me. And it's most certainly a reflection of the character of those working there and what Patreon as a company values first and foremost: Artists.

Love you guys. 

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